Chicken Kebabs

by Emma Barker, Colorado From backyard BBQ to the campsite, kebabs are easy and fun.  You can make them with any combination of ingredients, and with a little forethought, can marinate ingredients to enhance flavors. Ingredients: Chicken breast (boneless), cubed Green pepper, quartered Red Pepper, quartered Mushrooms, halved Onion, cubed Yellow squash, cubed Directions: Marinate[…]

Killer Grilled Cheese Sandwich

by Josh Noesser, California Crew My trail lunches revolve around three items–hot dogs, burgers, or grilled sandwiches.  Here’s a recipe for an old favorite–the killer grilled cheese sandwich. Ingredients: Dave’s Killer Bread (white bread, done right!) 1 1/2 slices of Kraft Cheese Singles 1 slice cheddar cheese 1 slice of sharp cheddar (or another favorite[…]

Hot Burritos

by Bill Andrews, Colorado Crew I have nothing against sandwiches; I love a good ham and cheese sandwich, or egg salad, or even peanut butter. But sometimes out the trail, it’s nice to have something hot for lunch. Here’s an easy trick to do just that without requiring time to set up a stove, cook,[…]