Welding on the Trail

by Josh Noesser, California Crew   If you wheel long enough, there will come a time when you are out on the trail, and you will hear the worst sounds a 4×4 enthusiast wants to hear.  Those sounds usually fall into three categories—first, a loud snap which almost sounds like a tree branch snapping; second[…]

Broken-Down In Big Water

The Kindness of Strangers Got Us Back on the Road   by Douglas Van Bossuyt, Oregon Crew On the day after Thanksgiving as we turned off of the highway and into the lonely gas station, I suddenly lost brakes and a huge cloud of white smoke billowed out of the rear passenger fender. I killed[…]

Broken Steering Linkage

by Josh Noesser, California Crew   This is a trail repair for a broken tie-rod end, or broken or severely bent steering rod.  If you are wheeling with a stock steering linkage, you know the risk you are facing–failure should it strike those big rocks.  Over the years, manufacturers have made the steering linkage stronger[…]

Broken Motor Mount

by Tracy Barker, Colorado Crew Earlier this year, the 30+ year-old motor mount on my FJ60 gave way to the engine’s torque.  The first indication of trouble was the lateral movement of my manual transmission shifter and the transfer-case shifter when under load.  The second indication was the fan blade scraping the fan shroud–it was[…]