Towing A Vehicle With Your RV

by Brian Hoag, Nevada Crew   Reprint permission of this article provided by Brian Hoag, owner/editor of Vehicle Towing Towing a vehicle behind your RV offers another dimension to the RV camping experience. We really appreciate being able to park the RV and take the Jeep on our adventures once we get to our RV[…]

Broken Steering Linkage

by Josh Noesser, California Crew   This is a trail repair for a broken tie-rod end, or broken or severely bent steering rod.  If you are wheeling with a stock steering linkage, you know the risk you are facing–failure should it strike those big rocks.  Over the years, manufacturers have made the steering linkage stronger[…]

Broken Motor Mount

by Tracy Barker, Colorado Crew Earlier this year, the 30+ year-old motor mount on my FJ60 gave way to the engine’s torque.  The first indication of trouble was the lateral movement of my manual transmission shifter and the transfer-case shifter when under load.  The second indication was the fan blade scraping the fan shroud–it was[…]

How To Add A Trip Report

Trip Reports Adding your very own trip report is easy to do, and it is helpful to the community as a whole.  Different perspectives showing the trail in its varying weather conditions paints the total picture as to what one can expect. Step 1: Find The Trail Find the trail. You can either click “add[…]

Trail Radio Communications

by Mike Fissel, Arizona Crew One of the first things you’ll find out when you hook up with a group of like minded off-roaders is they will all most likely have a CB radio to talk to each other on the trail.   “Talk about what?”, you say.  Most important are trail conditions/obstacles the lead[…]

Emergency Communications

by Mike Fissel, Arizona Crew What’s the difference between regular communication needs and emergency communications?     Due to transmission range constraints, your regular communications are most likely not going to be able to contact emergency help if and when needed.   CB radios are good for a mile or two at best on the[…]