Kinetic Recovery Rope

by Kyle Todd, Alaska Crew One of the best tools when stuck is a winch, but it doesn’t solve all “stucks” we often encounter. One of those circumstances happened on one of my last trail runs. Let me back up and explain that I like my winch, although it is a cheaper option, the Smittybilt[…]

Car Cozy 2 12V Electric Blanket

by Ige Gustavson, Colorado Crew When I stopped ground tenting while camping and went to a roof top tent, I thought I’d died and gone glamping. Camping with thick canvas walls and a four inch mattress was almost as good as being at home. Then, when I started cold-weather camping and I added the goose down[…]

Emergency Communications

by Mike Fissel, Arizona Crew What’s the difference between regular communication needs and emergency communications?     Due to transmission range constraints, your regular communications are most likely not going to be able to contact emergency help if and when needed.   CB radios are good for a mile or two at best on the[…]

The Bright Side of LED Headlight Bulbs

by Zosimo Meija, Jr., California Crew Throughout the years, automotive technology has been dramatically changing, which also includes vehicle lighting. Many of us depend on effective lighting for our daily commutes, or especially when on the trail at night. I usually commute during the evening hours, and observed that my standard halogen bulbs weren’t performing well. Since[…]

P.I.G. Form-A-Funnel

The best tool to have in your rig is multifunctional and takes up little space.  The P.I.G. Form-A-Funnel fits this description.  It is sometimes nearly forgotten about because it takes up so little space at the bottom of the drawers in the back of my Toyota.  But when I need to fill gas, pour oil, or drain anything, the Form-A-Funnel performs those[…]