Metalcloak Armor for Jeep Wrangler TJ

By TJ Bosworth, Utah Crew   Bumpers. The options are endless thanks to all of the love and dedication that us Jeep owners give to our gas fed friend. It seems that you cannot go an entire day without hearing about or seeing a new company’s bumper. With all of the options out there, how[…]

TJM Yulara Rooftop Tent

by Greg Stokes, Colorado Crew   TJM, a premier Australian company specializing in products aimed at the safari/overland market, has recently entered into the competitive rooftop tent market with two offerings: The smaller Boulia and the larger Yulara. Shipping and Packaging: My experience with the larger of the two roof top tents, the Yulara, began[…]

Yukon Gear Hardcore Locking Hubs

By Ryan Boudreau, Colorado Crew   Gone are the days when manual locking hubs were considered normal for a 4wd vehicle. Nowadays, everything is switch or knob activated and weak unit bearings are the driving force behind nearly every solid axle front end. Although convenient for the daily driver, this setup leaves much to be[…]