All Roads Lead West, Part III

by Jake Hanner, Alabama Crew   Day Seven- We stuck around camp for a while that morning to enjoy the scenery on the island. We left around 9 AM with a planned destination somewhere near Denver. We chose to take I84 across the Wasatch mountains and cross the southern portion of Wyoming into Colorado. We[…]

Aqua Fria National Monument Region, Arizona

by Bobby Nelson, Arizona Crew   The American Southwest is rich in Native American history but very few locations allow off-road enthusiasts the opportunity to drive right up to ruins like you can in the Aqua Fria National Monument. Roughly 40 miles north of Phoenix, this little-known area has some of the best preserved Indian[…]

All Roads Lead West, Part II

by Jake Hanner, Alabama Crew   Day 4-  On day four we rose with the sun as usual and spent a little time exploring the dunes surrounding Lake Powell. We headed back south into Page and made a quick stop for food, fuel, and groceries. After some research, we thought we would check out nearby[…]

All Roads Lead West, Part I

by Jake Hanner, Alabama Crew   Ten years ago, if you were to mention the word “overland” in a conversation you would probably be met with a confused, blank stare. In recent years; thanks to the power of social media and the increased development of products, overlanding has become much more mainstream. By definition, overlanding[…]

San Rafael Swell

by TJ Bosworth, Utah Crew   Central Utah: Arid and desolate, but full of astounding sights from the cliffs of Black Dragon Wash to the valley views of Eva Conover. One can certainly get lost in a world of red and white stone formations that make up the entirety of the northern San Rafael Swell.[…]

Broken-Down In Big Water

The Kindness of Strangers Got Us Back on the Road   by Douglas Van Bossuyt, Oregon Crew On the day after Thanksgiving as we turned off of the highway and into the lonely gas station, I suddenly lost brakes and a huge cloud of white smoke billowed out of the rear passenger fender. I killed[…]

Amazing Anza Borrego, California

Sandstone cliffs, badlands, metal dinosaurs, and mud caves: A one-day trip in Anza Borrego California   by Josh Noesser, California Crew   When in California, there are endless adventure opportunities, whether it is the beaches, mountains, or the deserts.  Many find it hard to decide what they should do while enjoying this oasis of entertainment.  […]