Venture Overland Company

The overlanding lifestyle means something different to each of us.  To me, it is as simple as this–spending time with my wife and three children out in nature; being able to watch the expressions on my kids’ faces while they experience new things.

Venture Overland Company is the vehicle that will allow us to support our lifestyle as we experience the world around us.  It is the vehicle that will allow us to break out of the Rat Race and “desk job/stay at home mom” cycle.  Venture Overland will allow us to both “stay home”, or not stay home for that matter.

Venture Overland Company is passionate about helping people find their way.  This can happen in a number of different ways.  Lights, maps, recovery gear, camping gear, and many other products can provide the means to find what it is that you’re looking for–ADVENTURE!!!



Venture Overland Company, Lakeville Minnesota

(612) 501-2736

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