Extreme Terrain Student Scholarship Program

2018 is the fourth year of Extreme Terrain’s Student Scholarship Program.  The program’s goal is to raise awareness for recreational use of public lands and to support young people who are studying to pursue a career in the environmental/recreational land use planning/land management industry.  These sectors largely support the movement to maintain recreational access to public lands.  Extreme Terrain emphasizes community awareness and encourages responsible involvement, and supports those who hold these same values.

The ExtremeTerrain Scholarship Program provides two $3,000 awards per year, one in the spring and one in the fall.  Eligible students include those who are pursuing a degree in Environmental Studies, Environmental Research, Land Use, Earth & Atmosphere studies, Sustainable Land Management, Parks and Recreation, Sustainable Agriculture Systems, or a related major.  Proof of enrollment in an accredited United States college or university is required with an essay submission.  Questions or clarification of what constitutes proof of enrollment may be emailed to scholarships@extremeterrain.com.

Submit an essay, 700-1500 words, to scholarships@extremeterrain.com which describes who you are, why you believe it is important to maintain access to public lands for recreational use, and how you plan to use your degree to advocate for the recreational use of public lands.  Essays should be submitted in PDF or Microsoft Word document format to be eligible for consideration.

June 15th is the submission deadline for the fall semester.  A winner will be selected on or before July 15th.  October 15th is the submission deadline for the following spring semester, and the winner will be selected by November 15th.  These scholarship opportunities are offered each year and submissions are encouraged for both semesters.  Scholarship payment will be sent directly to the winner’s school/college/university as a tuition payment.

Extreme Terrain Scholarships are non-renewable, however, previous winners who remain eligible may submit a new essay following the same criteria.  Entries are limited to one essay per student per semester.