Now That I’ve Bought It, Where Can I Take It?

by Brian Hoag, Nevada Crew


Reprint permission of this article provided by Brian Hoag, owner/editor of

We’ve been RVing and 4 wheeling over 25 years, with 5 of those years living full time in a large Class A motorhome.  During all our time RV camping, we kept notes and marked maps to help us keep track of our growing list of places to camp in the backcountry, but the thought of sharing that information never crossed my mind.

Our travels took us to one of my wife’s childhood friends home and business in Minnesota and that’s the place where my hobby website got it’s inspiration.  You see, my wife’s friend owns an RV dealership and during our visit I casually asked “what is the #1 question people ask after buying an RV and the answer stunned me… “Now that I own it, where can I take it?”

It still amazes me that folks will buy an RV having no idea what they are really getting into and where they can actually park their shiny new RV, but I decided if the #1 question was where could they take their RV, then I was going to share as much information as I could come up with.

I started organizing my own information and decided that the only way share this information was to start a website, and to keep the website current I found and documented official links to every federal, and state park system.  I added information about finding dispersed campsites and places not often utilized as camping areas such as state wildlife areas.  I added US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Reclamation, Fish & Wildlife Service official websites,  I also included information and links to help folks find dump stations and commercial RV parks, included general interest RV information articles, and organized the entire website by state.

We think RVing and backcountry exploring go hand in hand, and that’s why is one of the top RV camping location and general RV information websites!