Metalcloak Dual-Rate Coil Springs for Jeep Wrangler TJ

by TJ Bosworth, Utah Crew


Now, most of us don’t buy our Jeeps for comfort.  One can hardly say that they enjoy long drives with its nice smooth ride. The good ol’ TJ was the first-generation jeep that had coil springs front and rear, which helped tremendously over the leaf springs of the YJ. Yet still, after lifting the jeep and rigging it for off-roading, it was still quite the bumpy ride. I originally was sitting on 6 inch springs that had rusted through combined with the generic run of the mill gas charged shock. It didn’t take long before I knew I wanted to find something better.

Let me just start by saying that a dual rate coil is designed so that it does not unseat at extreme articulation. The grouped coils at the top have no effect on ride quality under normal driving conditions. When flexing, the upper coils will keep pressure between the axle and the frame so they stay put. There are a few scenarios where this may not be desired (such as crawling up steep vertical faces), however for the moderate wheeler down to the daily driver this will not be an issue.

When looking for new coil springs, I wanted something that would ride well, and give good articulation without falling out of the bucket. Metalcloak springs are one of the longest springs on the market being a dual rate. Seeing the quality from their bumpers and fenders, I figured I would give theirs a try. It is also a bonus when you can but each individual piece of a lift kit from a company. Because I had the Metalcloak fenders allowing for more room, I opted to try out the 4.5 inch springs and lose the 1.5 inches of height.

Install was quite difficult in that you have to be able to drop your axle very far down to get these long suckers in. The Metalcloak 4.5” springs were about 6 inches LONGER than my 6” Skyjacker springs. Having a lift helps tremendously, but it is completely doable in the comfort of your driveway.

My first impression of the ride quality was the game changer. My ride improved so much that I didn’t feel the need to apologize to my passengers about the rough ride. It feels like a stock vehicle again going over bumps. The coils also handle very well. You can corner with less body roll (not that you want to corner fast in a lifted jeep) and it handles the extra weight of gear and armor.

After about a year with these springs, I can say that they are worth every penny for ride quality and not having to chase a coil down the hill when flexing. I opted to pair them up with Fox 2.0 shocks and now I completely enjoy driving my jeep again. Whether it’s to the grocery store, on the rocks, or on the long-distance drive to reach the rocks, I have zero complaints about my ride. Finally, you can have a soft ride in a lifted Jeep.