Extreme Terrain Clean Trail Grant Program

ExtremeTerrain advocates for responsible recreational use of four-wheel drive roads and trails.  They’re also proponents of community involvement, which is evidenced by their Clean Trail Grant Program.  ExtremeTerrain’s grant program encourages clubs and 4×4 groups to organize and get involved in local trail improvement projects.

Since inception in 2015, the Clean Trail Grant Program has funded twenty-two projects across the United States.  These grants provided almost $10,000  for projects such as trail clean-ups, restoration and repairs, and even trail expansion projects where approved by the land owner or management agency.

ExtremeTerrain’s Clean Trail Grant Program has simple eligibility criteria, and basic performance requirements.  View the details on their webpage, where you can access, fill-in, and submit the online Clean Trail Grant Program application.

trailsoffroad.com encourages you to get organized and get involved with trail maintenance locally to improve your community’s 4×4 accessible resources.  ExtremeTerrain makes it easier by funding projects through the Clean Trail Grant Program.