The 2018 Jeep Wrangler JL

by Josh Noesser, California Crew


The  2018 Jeep Wrangler JL is here and what an amazing vehicle it is!   Numerous icons of the off-road community gathered in Los Angeles at the release event to see the new Jeep first-hand.  The overall crowd feel was sheer excitement as this Wrangler brings an even more equipped vehicle to the game.

Jeep listened to the Wrangler and CJ community,  and has designed a Jeep to their taste.  The new Wrangler JL is a mix of Jeeps from the CJ5, CJ7, YJ, TJ, and JK.   Many styling cues were taken from the CJ series, but modernized with luxury, comfort, and capability.

Jeep also announced that the diesel is coming to the United States.  With roughly the same horse power as the 3.6L gasoline engine, the new diesel will have roughly 446 foot-pounds of torque and be able to achieve roughly 30 mpg.  However, today in Los Angeles, the diesel wasn’t the only engine people were talking about.  In 2020, a fully electric version will be available which Jeep says will be able to drive to the trail, wheel all day, and still possess adequate power to make it home.  This would be an enormous step forward in Jeep; and the idea of instant electric-motor torque is inviting.

Some other major changes revealed today:

Jeep is bringing back the Dana 35 in the lower models.  The ring and pinion are going to be smaller in the Dana 44 found in the Rubicon models.  Wrangler JL’s will come standard with larger tires, and with options up to 35’s.   The roll cage is no longer connected to the windshield, which makes it stronger and at the same time making it easier to fold down the windshield.  With that said,  Jeep took everything off the windshield glass and mounted it to the roll cage so the everyday person could enjoy the windshield down as they drive around the streets.

The final major news is that Jeep is now offering their own line of aftermarket accessories and upgrades.  These include everything from lifts, tires, bumpers, sliders, bead-locks, plus many others.  Why is this important you ask?  Mainly for the people who dealers won’t warranty their vehicle if they modify it, they can now buy a Jeep directly from Chrysler ready for even the hardest trails.  In other words, there is no more “sorry, it’s not covered because it is modified.”

I hope you are as excited as I am to see this Wrangler JL out on the trail.  Please say “hi” if you see one of us out on the trail–and come join us on our next adventure. For now, be safe.  Life is an adventure… wheel it!