Alumagchrome Cleaner/Polish

by Ige Gustavson, Colorado Crew


My ex had a great habit of leaving me his “stuff”.  In this case, I got a garage full of various cleaners, oils, yard fertilizers and insecticides, and several mysterious fluids in containers devoid of labels.  In my attempt to clean and organize the garage, I decided to try out some of these items.  I started with a short white tub of chrome polish that was coated in grease and dirt–so soiled that I couldn’t read the few letters remaining on the container.  But after polishing for merely minutes, I stopped to take the time and clean off that bottle.  I was impressed!!!

I decided to give my hated 4Runner, Puff, his yearly bath.  After cleaning it all up, I was faced with a hideous bumper pocked with rust spots.  I’m not a patient person, and I really don’t like this vehicle, so hours of polishing 30-year-old chrome was not high on my list.  Well by God, this product was my savior.  I grabbed a paper towel, dipped in the green goo and started the circular motions.  In seconds, the bumper rust was gone.  I did a bit more.  The rust spots just kept coming off.  Before I knew it, the entire bumper was done.  And it wasn’t even painful.  Again, I did this with a single paper towel.  It was well worn, but when’s the last time a paper towel held up to scrubbing?  My point here is that this product cut the rust and made the chrome shine with little effort.

I’ve searched briefly and cannot find the product under the name “KS Custom” anymore.  I have found Alumagchrome being sold by a different company, so maybe it’s been bought out.  It was originally marketed as KS Custom Alumagchrome Metal Polish, and was made by Karseal in California.  Even if you can’t buy it new, take notice of the can and if you spot this at a garage sale, get it!