Managing Your Tow Straps and Tie-Downs

by Ige Gustavson, Colorado Crew

For those that tow their rigs, other play toys, or stuff to the scrap yard, dealing with the tangled mess of your tow straps is a dreadful thought.  You can try rolling them nicely, but that neat roll often doesn’t last.  Some are talented enough to be able to knot the strap onto itself…I am not.


In the past, I’ve used the extra long vinyl-wrapped wire ties that come in some product packaging.  I even managed to find a really big chunk of velcro strapping once.  But, that’s not something that pops up often so I don’t have a bunch of these things laying around. And honestly, who has only one strap?  Or, maybe I borrowed a friends trailer and straps…and I had to deal with his knotted tie downs.  It’s enough to drive you to drink.


Ms. Carita/Safetruck has a new solution.  Cargo Strap Bands, or giant heavy rubber bands.  Yeah, that simple.  Don’t you wish you thought of that idea? Each package contains six 7″x1″ rubber strap bands.  It’s a new product and not all over the internet yet, although I have found one online site and one “brick and mortar store” selling these stretchy strap saviors.  They were offering them for $3.30 online and $4.09 at a local store.  For less than $1 ea, you can keep your tow straps organized.




By the way, they work great on your tow straps and tree savers too.