Dutch Oven Chicken and Vegetables

This recipe is easy to prepare in camp and provides a satisfying dinner for 4-6 persons.


2lbs boneless chicken breasts

2lbs russet or red potatoes, cubed

1lb peeled baby carrots, whole

1/2lb celery, diced

1/2-cup water


Pour 1/2-cup water into the dutch oven.  Place chicken breasts evenly on bottom of dutch oven.  Cover with potatoes, carrots, and celery.  Season to taste.

Place the dutch oven on hot coals, and place some hot coals atop the lid.

Rotate the oven every 15-minutes to cook evenly.

You may need to replace coals after the first  hour of cooking.  Maintain a  fire nearby to replenish coals.

Ensure chicken is thoroughly cooked, and serve.

Chicken and vegetables cook well in a cast iron dutch oven.