Hot Burritos

by Bill Andrews, Colorado Crew

I have nothing against sandwiches; I love a good ham and cheese sandwich, or egg salad, or even peanut butter. But sometimes out the trail, it’s nice to have something hot for lunch. Here’s an easy trick to do just that without requiring time to set up a stove, cook, and clean-up.

Step 1: Get some burritos.
You can buy frozen burritos at the grocery or convenience store (yuck!), get them from your favorite fresh burrito place (mmm… Santiago’s?), or make them yourself at home.

Prepare burritos at home by wrapping in aluminum foil.

Step 2: Wrap the burritos in foil.
Remove all paper and/or plastic wrappers and wrap the burritos securely in aluminum foil. Cover the burritos with two to three layers of foil.

Step 3: Place the burritos on the warmer.
About an hour or so before you plan to eat lunch, stop and place the burritos under the hood on your engine. Try to find a spot where they are secure enough they won’t fall out, but also ensure that they won’t interfere with any switches or linkages. On my Jeep inline-six, there is a great spot between the valve cover and the fuel rail that holds them quite nicely.

Place burritos securely within the engine compartment.

Step 4: Enjoy hot burritos for lunch.
Remove the burritos from the engine compartment, unwrap the foil and enjoy a nice, hot burrito.

Enjoy hot burritos for lunch on the trail.

This same method can be used to re-heat many different things. I frequently do this with hot dogs (don’t put them in the buns until after you heat them), chicken wings, or pulled pork. You can also simply reheat leftovers this way. I once had prime rib and baked potato for lunch on the trail.